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What Do We Mean By No Holes, No Rails, No Problems?

What Do We Mean By No Holes, No Rails, No Problems?

At Solar Stack, we’re proud to offer a truly unique and innovative system designed to simplify the solar panel installation process. In fact, when we say “No Holes. No Rails. No Problems.”, we mean it! We here at Solar Stack mean what we say when we say it, as we’re the only solar panel mounting system in the United States that guarantees no roof penetrations whatsoever, all while meeting the strictest codes in North America. 

No Holes, No Rails = No Worries

The standard solar panel installation job can leave a roof with 100-200 holes just to get the rails in place. This is less than ideal, if you have a roof warranty any penetrations automatically void that warranty. This is typically a major deterrent for homeowners making the switch to solar energy. Thankfully, those worries go right out the window with Solar Stack’s mounting system. Homeowners can rest easy knowing their solar panels are safe and secured with no fears of holes and leaks. Our foam adhesive will keep your panels in place through heavy winds and inclement weather such as a hurricane. In fact, our installation system is most popularly installed within Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

Installation Time Drastically Cut

If you’ve been looking to maximize your installation team’s efficiency while out on a job to get the most out of incoming business, then look no further than Solar Stack’s installation mounting system. Typical solar panel installation jobs can take anywhere from 2-5 days to complete. With Solar Stack, that installation time gets cut down to just 24 hours. This gives your team the ability to drastically increase their output, driving more business for your company. As of right now, Solar Stack works on several different roofing materials, including sloped systems such as tile, concrete decks, structural metal (22 gauge or heavier), along with flat deck and low slope systems including granulated cap sheet, Built-Up Roofing, modified bitumen, TPO, EPDM, PVC, Hypalon, SPF, Concrete decks, and structural metal (22 gauge or heavier within the HVHZ).

Roof Warranties Remain Intact

One of the biggest benefits that come with utilizing Solar Stack’s solar panel mounting system is that your roof gets left fully intact when a team is done. No holes means no void to your roof warranty. Whether in Florida or somewhere else in the United States, you never want to lose your roof warranty if you don’t have to, so why put it in jeopardy when you can safely install your solar panels thanks to Solar Stack?

Our team stands by no holes, no rails, and no problems! To learn more about our solar panel mounting system, simply contact us online or give us a call at (877) 757-7822.

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