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Solar Power Benefits In Florida

Solar Power Benefits In Florida

Solar power benefits in Florida

If you live in the sunshine state and have considered getting solar panels installed, keep in mind that there are many solar power benefits. While the upfront cost is intimidating, the product ends up paying for itself.  This is especially true if you plan to have your installation done with Solar Stack.

There are many solar incentives and tax exemptions in Florida for those considering it as an alternative power solution.

People are hesitant to install solar panels for many reasons. It can be a hassle to install, it can void your roof’s warranty, and is expensive. This is why we created Solar Stack, the industry-leading alternative to traditional solar panel installations. With Solar Stack, you do not need to drill holes into your roof and void your roof’s warranty. With our adhesive foam which meets the strictest wind codes in the United States, you will have your roof installed in half the time and receive a 25-year warranty. 

Other than the incredible benefits of using Solar Stack, there are plenty of other incentives for you to consider installing solar panels on your Florida home.

Buy-back incentive for Florida solar power

In general, installing solar panels in a place called the sunshine state is not a bad idea. Especially when we count all of the benefits. There are electricity buy-back rates, a Florida state sales tax exemption, a property tax exemption, and a Federal Solar Tax Rebate all to encourage Florida residents to go solar. 

FL Net Metering is a solar incentive for those who have solar panels already installed. Through this program, you can actually sell back your excess solar energy to the grid and make money without lifting a finger. You get to go to work while your solar panels work for you. 

Tax exemptions for solar panel installations

If you weren’t already convinced of the benefits, sales taxes do not apply to solar panel purchases. Thanks to the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption you will save around 6% on what you would otherwise have to pay.

Property tax exemptions are available for those who have solar panels installed. Usually, with the addition of add ons to your home, your property taxes hike up. Now due to the Florida Property Tax Exclusion for Residential Renewable Energy Property, your taxes will remain the same as before. The addition of solar panels will not increase your taxes.

Not only is there a state tax exemption, but there is also a federal solar tax exemption. The ITC, or Investment Tax Credit, can reduce the cost of your solar panel energy system by 26%. Of course, there are different guidelines that can be followed for each type of tax exemption. As a south Florida homeowner considering solar panels, it is well worth it.

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