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Zero roof penetrations


Installation time is cut in half


No holes
No leaks


Roof warranty remains intact

Solar Stack

Tim Graboski is an expert on all things roofing and solar. From new roofs, roof repair, maintenance, and re-roofing, to the installation of solar panels and solar energy accessories, Tim has done it all. As a business owner, he has built and operated Tim Graboski Roofing since 1989 and Solar Stack since 2011.

Tim is heavily involved as a board member of both the Florida Codes Committee and Energy Technical Advisory Committee. With several patented products, he is also a celebrated inventor with Solar Stack being his pride and joy.

As solar began to boom in Florida Tim started experiencing the major issues the industry was creating for home owners and contractors. Holes and leaks. Traditionally the only way solar panels could be attached to the roof was by drilling anchoring screws through the roof, therefore voiding any existing roof warranty and opening the homeowner up to damage and leaks.

After a few generations of development, years of rigorous testing, and a lot of hard work Tim was able to create the perfect solution with Solar Stack. Solar Stack is a patented mounting pedestal that is used in conjunction with a code-approved foam adhesive. This combination makes Solar Stack the only solar panel mounting system to avoid roof penetrations while meeting the strictest wind codes in North America.

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