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I was hesitant at first when I was introduced to Solar Stack. I have been in the industry for a while and just wasn't sure about adhering an entire system down. I gave it some time on the market and watched as they gained more and more certifications. Finally a couple projects came up where it was just the right product to use and I gave it a try. The installation was smooth after being properly trained up and the final look of the systems turned out really nice. Then came hurricane Ian and it rolled right over the top of us. One of my systems sat through around 12 hours of winds up to 150 mph and another was less than 1/2 mile from the coast and experienced similar weather. Both systems came through the storm beautifully with not one panel leaving the roof and no attachments pulling up. It has definitely gained my confidence and I will continue to use Solar Stack and recommend it to others without hesitancy.

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We've installed Solar Stack on multiple projects, and we find it to be a quick, clean, and straightforward system to build. We're efficient when we use Solar Stack, which is good for us and our client. Specifically, we save a lot of time and effort because there are no ballast blocks and wind deflectors. Of course, it's also a huge benefit that we can avoid roof penetrations. Our crews enjoy working with Solar Stack and look forward to more projects utilizing the system.

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I have been extremely impressed with Solar Stack’s resilience. In 2019 we installed a residential solar system in Tallahassee, FL right before Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle. Hurricane Michael was the first category 5 storm to hit the state since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. We visited the job sight a few days after Michael passed. Trees were down throughout the entire neighborhood, power was out for weeks. When we got on the roof Solar Stack and the attached panels were untouched. I’ve been sold on Solar Stack ever since.

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I have been installing solar for the past 10 years and am normally very skeptical of new racking solutions, especially in the commercial space. I have been determined to find a project where I could use this product (partially because I thought Solar Stack was too good to be true). Solar Stack is a game changer! The efficiency and ease of installation of this product is something I did not believe, but was blown away by. The quickness of the installation process from measurement to installed panels, easily saved us a day in labor if not more on our small commercial project. I look forward to being able to use this product on a much larger scale. The customer service Solar Stack provided throughout this process is one to highlight. They were accessible and answered all my questions when needed.

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Solar Stack is a product that allows us to address one of the rooftop solar industry’s greatest adversities, roof penetrations. We have sold more jobs because of Solar Stack, and see it as an amazing installation tool that is less expensive, faster to install, and higher quality than its competitors. As a cornerstone of our patent pending GreenRite® system, Solar Stack provided us an affordable, Miami-Dade NOA and Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone certified way to design non-penetrative rooftop systems. In addition, their customer support is amazing. We are extremely happy with every experience we have had with Solar Stack!


Solar Stack has been an excellent product for Cross Atlantic Solar. Cross Atlantic Solar specializes in high-end, home solar installation. One of the most important aspects of the installation for our customers is avoiding future roof leaks. Traditional racking puts 50+ penetrations into your roof. With Solar Stack, we can avoid the excessive roof penetrations while still meeting the AHJ code requirements for South Florida. We have now completed 30 Solar Stack installations without any issues arising during or after installation. Sam and the team over at Solar Stack provide great support and have created a product that supports our company mission: “Solar Done Right!”.

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As a solar installer in South Florida for the past 10 years, there is not a product that can compete with the Solar Stack! No penetration's means NO LEAKS! Which means my guys can keep installing and not have to worry about roof repairs! The time saved from pulling tiles is astronomical, we can get the job done in 1 day as opposed to 2-3 day installs. I would professionally recommend Solar Stack to any homeowner interested in having a rooftop PV system installed!


There are way too many problems associated with penetrating a flat roof. I tell my guys we won’t do a flat deck unless it’s with Solar Stack.

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I can’t tell you how great your Solar Stack is, it has cut our time in half on tile roofs. Our installation crew loves It, and so do our customers. I can’t believe how much money it’s saved me. Thanks again, Tim!

As I mentioned, I was very pleased with the Solar Stack product. It is a great solution for racking on a flat roof with a rubber membrane. My customer was extremely happy to NOT have any roof penetrations on his new rubber roof. He had considered a metal roof. So he was even more excited to have the cost savings provided by Solar Stack. The installation was so easy that I and my crew look forward to the next Solar Stack job.

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We used Solar Stack for the first time at a commercial multi-family project on the West coast of Florida. Solar Stack was perfect for this installation as the number of obstructions and rooftop HVAC equipment made it very difficult for us to design a ballasted system without the necessary use of many penetrating attachments into the roof. Beyond that, Solar Stack allowed us complete the installation more efficiently and quickly than any other flat roof racking product we’ve ever used. By eliminating the ballast blocks from our material list for this project, we were able to save a ton of money on labor and the small crew we had working the job was ecstatic that they didn’t need to carry concrete blocks from one side of the roof to the other! We certainly look forward to using Solar Stack again in the near future!

My company was looking for a no penetration mounting system and I remembered I had used Solar Stack in the past at a previous company. It was a no brainer to call Solar Stack. It is the easiest product I've used for solar installs. It is quick, efficient, and there is no penetration into to the roof. How could you possibly not want that product for your company. All in all best no penetration product around!

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