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Why Get Commercial Solar Panels Installed With Solar Stack?

Why Get Commercial Solar Panels Installed With Solar Stack?

Residential homes typically use solar panels to lower their overall power costs. But what about commercial solar panel usage? Wouldn’t the return on the investment with commercial solar panels be even higher than a residential install? The answer is yes, it would be. The financial benefit of getting solar panels in an industrial or commercial building are extremely high. Businesses can become more efficient and save big time, especially thanks to big tax breaks at state, federal, and other tax-deductible credits.

Installing solar panels on a commercial building is a great idea, especially in order to save money when it comes to electrical bills. The benefits are nearly immediate and the payoff is well worth it, lasting for years and years to come.

Drawbacks of commercial solar panels

However, there are drawbacks. Not every solar panel is built the same, and you need enough area to have them installed. Not every commercial property owner wants to drill holes into the roof. Drilling holes into the roof can void the roof’s warranty and cause leaks or damage during big storms. Thankfully with Solar Stack’s solar panel mounting system, you can reap the benefits of solar energy without needing to drill any holes into the roof. With us, there are no holes, no rails, and no problems.

There are several reasons why you should use solar energy for your business.

Solar saves your business money. While the initial costs can be a little high, the free electricity for the next 20 years or more is well worth it. Solar panels are a great move if you are trying to be a more sustainable company or change your company’s public image.  Using solar panels improves your brand’s image and shows that you are truly dedicated to the environment and sustainability movement.


Other benefits include:

  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Lowers greenhouse emissions.
  • They are maintenance-free and reliable.
  • Good ROI for your initial purchase.
  • Tax breaks.
  • Increased property value.

Installing commercial solar panels can help the economy.

What comes around goes around, and hiring a local contractor can be a huge benefit to your local economy. It could create new jobs, which in turn could boost the local economy. Since it has a good return on investment that pays off, you will not be disappointed.

Businesses can pay off their solar panels fast with tax credits.

Just like residential solar panels, the tax credits are very generous for those who choose to use alternative power solutions. The Federal Tax Credit incentive can save you around 30% of the cost of your commercial solar panel installation. Some states like offering a 10% tax credit to help offset the cost of commercial solar panels. This varies depending on which state you are in. For those who own commercial factories, the deductible amount jumps up to 85% of the total value of their solar panel system from the business taxes. This can really help offset the cost of commercial solar panel installations.

Commercial solar installation costs are cheaper than previous years.

Commercial solar panels are more affordable in recent years than ever before. Costs have drastically dropped and availability is higher than before, making the prices more affordable and the product more accessible.

How is Solar Stack different from other solar panel mounting systems?

With Solar Stack, there is no need to drill holes into your roof. Drilling holes into your roof for traditional solar panel installations ends your roof’s warranty and can cause issues like leaks, especially during storms. With Solar Stack, you will not need to drill holes into your roof or use rails. Solar Stack also comes with a 25-year warranty of its own. 

If you are a solar panel contractor looking for an alternative solution to mounting solar panels, this is it. When you become one of our partners, you will cut your installation and labor requirements by half. You can learn more about becoming a certified Solar Stack installer here!

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