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FAQs About Our Solar Panel Mounts

FAQs About Our Solar Panel Mounts

As a company that sells a unique product, you probably have many questions concerning its function and effects. And if you do, we have the answers. Solar Stack has the answer to the most frequently asked questions concerning their solar panel mounts. So if you wish to learn more about Solar Stack’s products continue reading below.

FAQs About Our Solar Panel Mounts

What is Solar Stack?

We’re a company that sells a product we’ve dubbed as “Solar Stack.” It’s a solar panel mounting system designed to mount panels with little to no damage dealt to your roof. Solar Stack’s mounting system utilizes a unique pedestal configuration that’s designed to meet even the most stringent wind-code requirements, including HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zones). We’re proud of the fact that Solar Stack is also approved for use under Florida’s Building Code, and the even stricter Miami-Dade County Building code. These are the most strict weather-related building codes in the United States.

How is Solar Stack Secure to The Roof?

Solar Stack’s mounting system relies on the use of a highly innovative pedestal and code-approved adhesive in order to attach solar components to the roof. The pedestals of our solar mounts are designed with ridges so that when the adhesive expands it’s able to fill into the gaps, allowing the mounts to cling to the roof. To go the extra mile in ensuring that your pedestals won’t ever fall off, we even paint over the adhesive to ensure that it’s protected from heat.

Does Mounting With Solar Stack Require Holes to be Drilled or Screws Inserted in The Roof?

The short answer is NO. Our Solar Stack mounting system promises absolutely zero penetrations.

We understand the issues that arise from installing solar panels via the traditional route. Roof warranties get voided due to numerous nails being hammered into their structure. For this reason, when we install our solar panel mounts, we won’t ever use any invasive procedures on your roof.

Choose Solar Stack For Their Solar Panel Mounts

If you’re interested in the idea of having solar panels installed with absolutely no roof penetrations whatsoever, don’t hesitate at all in contacting Solar Stack today! Solar Stack is the industry leader in noninvasive solar panel mounting systems. You can trust that through our quality products, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without your roof warranty being voided. For any inquiries, you may contact Solar Stack at 877-SLR-Stack or visit our contact page.

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