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What Is HZHV Certification?

What is HZHV certification?

What is HZHV Certification? And Why Is It Important For Solar Panel Installations?

HZHV Certification stands for High-Velocity Hurricane Zone and it includes Miami-Dade and Boward Counties. The Florida Building Code (FBC) has special hurricane-resistant construction standards for this zone because of its proximity to the coast and the damage it sustains during these storms. 

The HVHZ is part of the Wind-Borne Debris area as well. This includes areas with wind speeds that reach over 140 mph. Winds up to 140 mph are standard for a category 4 hurricane, and they need to be taken seriously. 

Why is HZHV enforced?

After Hurricane Andrew, which hit Florida in 1992, leaving destruction in its wake. Many homes and lives were destroyed, especially in Miami-Dade county. Because of this, the basic requirements of the Florida Building Code were changed. In 2001, the Florida Building Code (FBC) Association created a higher standard of stronger requirements for hurricane-resistant housing. 

Testing to become approved for the HZHV certification is very intense and thorough. This testing is done for all building materials, such as windows, roofing, doors, etc. It proves that products are sturdy enough to withstand high pressure and winds.

Florida Product Approval with HVHZ Certification is accepted statewide and in all counties, including Miami-Dade and Broward counties. A Miami-Dade NOA is only a local product approval through the NOA but may be used by a product manufacturer to apply for a statewide Florida Product Approval. 

Hurricanes are terrifying and have destroyed entire states in a matter of hours. Not only are they unstoppable, but they can also cause extreme damage. This is bad news for everyone, but especially for those who have spent the time and money on installing solar panels. 

Is Solar Stack HZHV Certified?

That is why Solar Stack has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that we are hurricane resistant, especially for the areas deemed HZHV. Solar Stack is available in multiple locations, including Florida, Texas, and Mexico.

Our innovative solar panel mounting system uses a foam adhesive to attach to the roof. It works with commercial roofs and some residential roofs, excluding shingles. The foam we use for solar panel installations is HZHV certified and built to withstand hurricanes. 

How is Solar Stack Different From Other Solar Panel Mounting Systems?

With Solar Stack, there is no need to drill holes into your roof. Drilling holes into your roof for traditional solar panel installations ends your roof’s warranty and can cause issues like leaks, especially during storms. With Solar Stack, you will not need to drill holes into your roof or use rails. Solar Stack also comes with a 25-year warranty of its own. 

If you are a solar panel contractor looking for an alternative solution to mounting solar panels, this is it. When you become one of our partners, you will cut your installation and labor requirements by half. You can learn more about becoming a certified Solar Stack installer here!

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