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Myths About Solar Panels

Myths About Solar Panels

As solar panels are becoming more and more prevalent for homeowners across the country, so are myths and rumors surrounding them. Too often do we see people deterred from purchasing solar panels out of fear from these myths. It can make transitioning to solar energy a scary process when in reality it can be a smooth and exciting moment for homeowners. Chances are, if you’ve been exploring the idea of having solar panels installed on your property you’ve run into some of these myths, and we’re here to help shed some light on each one.

MYTH: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

FACT: Solar panels and the installation process that comes with them might seem like it’s too costly for the everyday homeowner, but that’s not the case! Solar panel installation costs have been steadily declining and becoming much more affordable. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), total costs of residential PV systems have declined more than 65% over the last decade. Trends show solar panel usage is skyrocketing across the globe as people transition away from coal. This will lend towards residential solar panel systems becoming even more affordable for homeowners everywhere.

MYTH: Solar Panels Are Bad For The Environment

FACT: One fear that’s been raised as a result of solar panels becoming popular is that they’re a detriment to the environment. Images have gone around displaying old solar panels sitting in landfills, however, you can be rest assured that even after your solar panel’s 25-year lifespan has come to an end, they are recyclable! In many cases, the solar panel installation team that originally installed your panels or the solar panel manufacturers will change out your old ones for new ones, and dismantle the original panels for parts to be reused elsewhere!

MYTH: Maintenance Is Too Complicated

FACT: Solar panel maintenance is a very straightforward and simple process. Depending on your solar panel manufacturer, maintaining them should be a breeze, simply requiring them to be washed with water to avoid dust and dirt accumulation. Solar panels in Florida are required to pass the strictest tests against wind, rain, hail, snow, etc., so you can rest easy when that next hurricane comes through South Florida.

MYTH: Solar Panels Damage Your Roof

FACT: Homeowners tend to hold off on getting solar panels installed because they worry about damaging their roof and voiding the warranty. As valid a reason that is, you’ll never have to worry about your roof being damaged by solar panel installation thanks to Solar Stack. Where typical solar panel systems have to be drilled in, the Solar Stack mounting system allows installation teams to directly install full residential systems without a single screw. Our foam adhesive allows the Solar Stack mount to hold your panels in place forever, without the stress of them ever being swept away or damaging your roof.

While there will always be myths about solar panels, you can put them all to rest. With Solar Stack, you’ll never have to worry about your solar panels ever again. Contact us to learn more about our mounting systems today by calling us at (877) 757-7822.

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