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2021 Solar Industry Trends

2021 Solar Industry Trends

The solar industry is ever-growing with more and more patrons making the switch to solar energy. While 2020 had its downfalls, the solar industry was still booming and it’s even projected to continue doing well throughout all of 2021. If you’re relatively new to the solar industry or just wish to know what to look out for during this year, continue reading below. Solar Stack is deeply knowledgeable about the solar industry and call tell you which trends will be making their way into 2021.

Solar Industry Trends in 2021

While the future isn’t predictable, there are quite a few trends theorized to occur in the 2021 solar industry. They include:

Increase Popularity in Solar Power, Despite The Pandemic

With the pandemic’s introduction into 2020, property owners were challenged to find new ways to save money. The solar industry had its own challenges as well, with businesses utilizing strict safety protocols as well properly using digital business practices. Nevertheless, the solar industry thrived, and each month promised an upward trend of property owners ready to take control of their electricity.

Rise in Energy Storage Demands

Natural disasters are more often than not huge burdens to deal with. When one occurs, most property owners often wish there was a way to rely on stored energy for backup during an outage. And while generators do exist, there are more energy-efficient methods to depend on, such as solar panels.

With solar panels, homeowners can rely on a solar battery to be on their side when blackouts occur due to natural disasters or some other cause. In this day and age, especially for business owners, an outage can be one of the most burdening things to deal with. It’s because of this that it’s expected more and more property owners will recognize the capabilities that solar energy has and will resort to the installation of solar panels for energy efficiency and practicality.

Greater Rise in Solar Companies

Few power plants in America make up a fraction of the companies involved with solar power in the nation. Such large solar farms partner with utilities that have also helped pave the way for cheaper and cleaner renewable energy.

Although solar tax credits have encouraged homeowners to invest in panel installations, the Energy Department has made big deals with large corporations as well, one of which happens to be Apple.

Apple has become the leading installer of solar capacity among numerous other corporations in America, including Amazon, Target, Google, and much more.

Thanks to Apple becoming the #1 market cap of American in late 2019, it’s believed that it will begin a trend for other companies to follow a path toward economic efficiency. Because of this, you’ll soon be open to a wide variety of various models of solar panels, all of which will need to be properly mounted with Solar Stack’s solar mounts.

Don’t Miss Out on The Opportunity to Install Your New Solar Panels With Solar Stack’s Mounts

When you’ve realized the potential the solar industry carries, don’t hesitate at all to buy your models. And before they’re installed, make sure they’re installed properly with Solar Stack’s solar panel mounts. Solar Stack’s mounts will ensure that your panels are securely fitted to your roof, allowing zero roof penetrations while also allowing you to fully benefit from solar energy. For any inquiries regarding purchase and installation, you may contact Solar Stack at 877-SLR-Stack or visit our contact page.

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