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4 Things To Consider When Buying Commercial Solar Panels

4 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Solar Panels

We here at Solar Stack aim to do everything in our power to ensure that your experience with your solar panels is an amazing one. Which is why we offer our amazing solar panel mounts, removing the need to perform invasive procedures on your roof and voiding its warranty. But while our solar panel mounts certainly add to the excitement of being a solar panel owner, it’s important you understand what sort of decisions you need to make before you go ahead and buy the first commercial solar panels you see.  Below are factors you need to be mindful of before you make your purchase of commercial solar panels.

What to Consider When Buying Commercial Solar Panels

When deciding to purchase commercial solar panels, there are four factors you need to consider. They include:

Solar Panel Size

As you’re looking online for the best supplier of solar panels, the first thing you need to consider is solar panel size and suitability. Such a factor often depends on where exactly you are located. This is because you need to be mindful of where exactly the sun is located in the sky and where you can optimally benefit from solar energy. For instance, some properties in countries in the Southern Hemisphere often place their solar panels facing north so they can pick up more energy.

The dimensions of your panels should be able to fit the side of your roof where they’ll capture the most solar energy.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency refers to a panel’s ability to convert input energy into output energy. With a more efficient solar panel, it won’t only charge faster because of its higher output, it’ll also provide you with more power even when sunlight isn’t being too bright on some days.

When choosing the right commercial solar panels, look for ones that have a 15% to 24% efficiency rate. These are often the most optimal panels for commercial properties.

Generally, solar panels with higher efficiency offer the most flexibility when it comes to installation. With higher efficiency panels, there’s less need for a lot of solar panels to be installed, resulting in less installation costs.


Durable panels will prevent having replacements needed. Natural disasters can sometimes contribute to property damage, including even damage to solar panels. Even if a natural disaster isn’t present high winds and heavy rainfall can also contribute to solar panel damage. The more durable a panel is, the less likely this will occur.

When you’re choosing solar panels, you should choose models that should at least have resistance to wind and high-impact that can be caused by hail or other debris. If you live in areas where snowfall is common in the Winter or year-round, you definitely want panels with high snow loads.


It’s also important, when buying solar panels, that you purchase models with a longer warranty period. Your models should be covered by a warranty that lasts a long time.

The most average warranty offered on the market is 10 years with 12-year warranties becoming more common.

You should make sure that your purchased models come with a performance warranty. With such a warranty, your panels will be deemed defective by your manufacturer if it falls below a level of performance. Solar panels will have between 25 to 30 years of performance warranties.

When You’re Buying Your Solar Panels, Get The Proper Mounts From Solar Stack Today!

The traditional method of installation for Solar Panels involves invasive procedures, usually performed with large nails. Now in the age of modernity, we’ve moved past such archaic methods and rely on better procedures, such as the use of our solar panel mounts. Solar Stack’s solar panel mounts will ensure that your new commercial solar panels will remain securely in place so that you can truly benefit from solar energy. For any inquiries, you may contact Solar Stack at 877-SLR-Stack or visit our contact page.

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