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Solar Stack is the first entirely noninvasive solar panel mounting technology. Traditional solar panel mounting technology requires screws, bolts, and more to be placed through the roof of a home. Over time, these penetrations can lead to damage that will cause leaks, which leads to mold growth and a slew of other issues. That’s what puts Solar Stack apart from standard solar panel mounting technology. Gone are the days of having to put holes in a roof to ensure solar panels are held in place correctly. Solar Stack uses a building code approved adhesive to keep solar panels secure and safe. If you’re looking for solar panel roof mounts that are rated for use in high-velocity hurricane zones, trust Solar Stack.

How Does Solar Stack Work?

solar panel mounting

Solar Stack is a noninvasive solar panel mounting technology that utilizes a proprietary, one-of-a-kind adhesive to secure solar panels in place. This adhesive is approved by Florida’s building code.

Additionally, it’s approved for use in high-velocity hurricane zones. This allows you to take advantage of solar panel technology while ensuring that your roof stays fully intact. Solar Stack offers unmatched durability, reliability, and resilience, allowing it to weather the toughest storms. Solar Stack gives homeowners peace of mind regarding their solar energy system.  Regardless of the season or the weather, your solar panels will be safe. Trust Solar Stack to keep your roof intact, and your solar panels secure.

Solar Panel Mounting Has Never Been Easier

Thanks to Solar Stack, solar panel mounting has never been easier. Installing anchors, locating structural connection points, and preventing water intrusion are all things

of the past. Solar Stack offers an innovative design that cuts installation in half compared to traditional installation methods. Therefore, this saves homeowners and installers alike money, time, and headaches. Solar panel installation companies that are utilizing solar stack will tell you that traditional solar panel installation is an archaic method. Above all, traditional solar panel installation is unnecessarily time-consuming and damaging to the roof of a home.

Solar Stack Is Revolutionizing Solar Panel Mounting

Solar Stack is taking the solar panel installation industry by storm. It is an entirely unique and one-of-a-kind product that can be found nowhere else. What makes Solar Stack different is that it was made by roofers. The inventors of the Solar Stack have seen the issues that come with traditional solar panel mounting. Creating a solution to the invasive nature of solar panel mounting is what the inventors of the Solar Stack set out to do. Those that have used the product know that we succeeded. Choose Solar Stack to be your solar panel mounting technology of choice. Learn more about Solar Stack – Give us a call at (877) SLR-STACK or contact us online.

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