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I was hesitant at first when I was introduced to Solar Stack. I have been in the industry for a while and just wasn’t sure about adhering an entire system down. I gave it some time on the market and watched as they gained more and more certifications. Finally a couple projects came up where it was just the right product to use and I gave it a try. The installation was smooth after being properly trained up and the final look of the systems turned out really nice. Then came hurricane Ian and it rolled right over the top of us. One of my systems sat through around 12 hours of winds up to 150 mph and another was less than 1/2 mile from the coast and experienced similar weather. Both systems came through the storm beautifully with not one panel leaving the roof and no attachments pulling up. It has definitely gained my confidence and I will continue to use Solar Stack and recommend it to others without hesitancy.

Buca Forrester, Managing Director, Region Solar
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